Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

OnSite and OffSite Services.

Heat Exchangers Gaskets, a division of T. H. Industrial Solutions Inc.'s (THS) has been servicing industrial heat exchangers and solving process problems across Canada since 2009. THS head office is located in Pickering, Ontario with a 6,000 square foot service center in Hamilton, Ontario.

Using Hydraulic Equipment, THS Service Technicians
will Disassemble and then Tighten a PHE to OEM Specifications

After service has been completed our THS service technicians will test for internal and external leaks. The primary side is filled under pressure with air or water while the secondary side is pressure free. On a plate defect, there’s a pressure reduction on the primary side.

Cleaning Service Options - Onsite Services (1-2 Days)

THS service technicians will high pressure clean plates using a 10 hp gas pressure washer, which is effective in cleaning dirt and biofilm, however this service may not effectively remove scale and rust buildup.


A portable chemical flushing unit consists of a pump, tank, filter and hoses. THS service technicians pump a citrus based cleaning chemical or mild acid solution through the heat exchanger for 6-8 hours. During the flushing any debris or contamination is collected in a bag filter with a magnet.

*The volume and velocity of the pump package is limited, PHE’s over 3 ft in height and with connections over 2", will not experience significant benefits using this sized pump package since most power supplies available are 120V

Clip or ball style gaskets can be replaced onsite during service. The most effective method to remove glue style gaskets is to complete the service offsite. Plates are submerged in either a caustic acid bath or nitrogen to break the glue bond. Plate and/or gasket delivery when in stock is typically 1-3 weeks. Custom is approximately 6-12 weeks as they must be molded and/or stamped.

*Chances of a PHE leaking increases to 50-60% probability when re-assembling a unit using gaskets that are over 10 years old, visibly damaged or brittle, causing the PHE not to seal completely. In addition, each time a PHE is taken apart the gaskets can be potentially damaged or may not reseat correctly when retightened.

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Offsite Services (2 – 3 Weeks)

After the gaskets have been removed, the plates are submerged in a bath of heated phosphoric or hydrofluoric acid to remove scale and contamination. When removed from the chemical bath the plates are then high pressure cleaned. Using this method plates are returned 95% - 99% to new condition.

Complete PHE replacement is often not practical:

  • due to the weight and size of many heat exchangers
  • accessibility to mechanical rooms is often severely limited

  • many heat exchangers were installed during initial construction before walls were installed
  • major piping changes are often required when installing new heat exchangers
  • piping standard connections may have changed from a diagonal pattern (X) to parallel
After the plates are chemically cleaned, the UV Tracer is applied. A fluorescent color is up-sprayed onto each plate. Then each plate is checked individually with UV light in a darkened area. Dye penetrant is than applied to the damaged plates for customers revealing the pinholes or cracks in the affected area.

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